Why coalescence matters in DeFi, not composability.

There’s much talk about composability in DeFi, “you know, like Lego blocks“. However, that analogy (composability === Legos) completely misses what’s special about DeFi. By thinking of Lego blocks, we run the risk of not building all those things which are simply not possible in traditional finance. The ‘boring’ internet (aka everything non-blockchain) is already […]

AI and the rise of zero-cost healthcare

In many AI/ML papers, classifiers are scored by well they do compared to human doctors. For example, a (made up) title could be “MyNextGenClassifier does 0.6% better at finding 2 mm brain bleeds than human radiologists at Memorial Sloan Kettering“. Let’s unpack that. The title implies that the goal is to do “better” than a […]

A privacy-preserving internet?

How a new generation of cryptographic techniques might allow people to transact in complete privacy. The internet makes communication easier than ever before in human history. Scalable, low friction communication is not only about sending text messages to others but is central to all human activity. For example, marketplaces, both physical and digital, are coordination […]