Basic Science

My lab focusses on advanced imaging, the nucleus and chromatin, and mechanobiology.
Data Sharing

Sharing of medical and scientific data can help people to learn, discover, and cure. Help connect cancer patients, learn about the disease, and share data at
Source Code

Source code for our microscopes and some of our electronics efforts are on GitHub.

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CancerBase – first lessons

| Cancerbase | No Comments has been up and running for a few months now. About 1000 people have signed up, and most of them suggested at least one new feature. We are preparing…

Fast Global Sharing of Medical Data?

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Why is it so hard to access medical data for science? Almost without exception, people with cancer are very open and eager to help. They are surprised about this problem,…

Prediction of Overall Mortality from Fitbit heart rate data

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From what I can tell, the Fitbit API returns heart rate data at an effective temporal resolution of 9.98 seconds (min: 5 s, median: 10 s, max: 15 s). Curiously,…

Fitbit API and High Resolution Heart Rate Data

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After trying the Jawbone UP3 for a few days and quickly returning it due to multiple limitations, I’m now testing a Fitbit Charge HR. I’m mostly interested in heart rate…

Directional Quantile Envelopes – making sense of 2D and 3D point clouds

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Imagine some large multidimensional dataset; one of the things you might wish to do is to find outliers, and more generally, say something statistically-defined about the structure of clusters of…

The Fitbit API – Mathematica vs. Python

| Data, Devices | 2 Comments

I’m teaching a class later this year and part of what we will cover is how to explore data coming from wearables. I’ve had a Fitbit Zip for a while, and my…